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Ideas For New Employee Welcome Kit

10 Ideas For New Employee Welcome Kit 

When someone joins a new company, it is common for them to be unsure or nervous. A new employee welcome kit with special items is a great way companies can greet new hires and make them feel cared, comfortable, and happy.  

The special gesture helps the new hire start their job with confidence and give their best efforts at work. In social media times, they’ll love to post the pics of the welcome kit with branded items online, which enhances your company’s online presence too.

To create the best impact, you must keep a few things in mind when curating a new employee welcome kit.

  • The products included in the package must be of good quality, attractive and functional.
  • The items that new employees receive on their first day must properly represent the company culture. 
  • The welcome kit should include the “Employee & Company Culture Handbook”, providing information on the company’s achievements, values, vision, mission, and expectations from employees.

In this blog, we’ll share 10 welcome gift ideas for inspiration. You can mix and match products from different categories based on your requirements, company vision, and budget.

Let’s begin with the options of new employee welcome kits.

1. Branded Apparels

Who doesn’t like good-quality free merchandise? In most workplaces, employees appreciate getting branded apparel like hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, caps, or beanies as an extension of their wardrobe options. Gift them such branded products to instil a feeling of unity, pride, and make them feel they are a part of the team from day one.

2. Office Essentials

Help the new joiner settle down at work by providing essential office supplies like diary, pen, pencil, notepad, sticky notes, desk calendar, coffee cup, etc. These products help foster organisation in employees, boost their output, and increase their engagement in their new roles.    

3. Welcome Letters

How do you react when you receive a personalised note from someone saying,” We are so happy to have you here?” A welcome note from CEO, managers, and team members, expressing appreciation, makes the new hire feel valued. Adding it to handmade or recyclable paper will further enhance its specialness.

4. Tech Products

Digital products are increasingly popular during team hiring, especially for remote teams who do not have access to company resources. Include tech products like noise-cancelling headphones, speakers, power banks, or other laptop accessories in the new employee welcome kit to equip the new hires with the essentials they’ll need to boost their efficiency and productivity. 

5. Swag Bag

tote bags

Making you remember the trade fair giveaways, swag bags, filled with promotional items and samples, are a popular choice for new employee kits. For a swag bag, you can choose to give a laptop bag, backpack, or a tote bag and put some of the promotional items mentioned in the list in it. Employees will love to carry them around and show off their company’s status

6. Learning Resources

Investing in a new hire’s learnings is the best way organisations can let the employees know that you care about their professional growth. On their first day, give them books, e-books, access to online training platforms, industry magazines, and online courses relevant to their roles and industry to establish that ongoing learning is crucial within your company.

7. Sustainable Joining Kit

If you find yourself an environmentally responsible company, providing a sustainable kit with eco-friendly products is a great way to show your commitment to nature. You can include items like recycled paper notebooks, plant kits, eco cups, etc. kept in a jute bag or tote bag made from organic material and make your contribution towards the environment.

8. Wellness Items

Including wellness items in the employee welcome kit is a great way to demonstrate how much you care about your employee’s physical and mental well-being. Gifting them products like yoga mats, fitness trackers, stress balls, gym passes or discount coupons, online fitness classes subscriptions helps create a positive first impression and inculcate the importance of self-care in employees

9. Healthy Snacks


If you want to give a delectable welcome to the new employees, a hamper with tasty and healthy snacks like granola bars, assorted nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolate, popcorn, or pretzels, etc. can be a great choice. This excellent refreshment will serve as a quick energy boost while bringing a sense of comfort in a completely new environment.

10. Gift Cards or Coupons

Not all employees may need or like the gift items you wish to give in the welcome kit. To avoid such scenarios, it is best to give gift cards or coupons, for popular brands, online platforms, famous restaurants, and coffee shops. This way employees get the freedom to choose something they truly want, and you’ll save time in picking gift items yourself. 

Now that you have the list, choose a reliable partner to get the products for your new employee welcome kit that aligns with your company’s branding and values.

At ATC, we offer a wide range of high-quality products including sustainable options that can be customised to meet your needs. Connect with us and create an outstanding welcome experience for your new employees.