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Print Sizes(for Apparel)

Small Printing

This type of printing is perfect when used for logos. The logos are clearly printed and can be seen distinctively. It is usually printed near the pocket but can be printed on any part of the T-shirt. This is also suitable for small quotes or dates.

Standard Printing

The size of this print is A4. This print is suited for slightly larger logos or logos with tag lines. This will ensure that the tagline can be read clearly. This print is best used for Event T-shirts and College Fest -shirts

Large Printing

The size of this print is A3. This is a slightly larger print size suited for printing images on T-shirts. This type of printing will ensure that the message or the quote is clear. It can be read from a distance.

Full Span

This print is used when the entire T-shirt is printed on. This is ideal when there is a lot of content to be put on the T-shirt. You can easily print the logo, tagline, and date on the T-shirt. You can also print a quote at the back of the T-shirt.